Fleet Timber Supplies is pleased to announce we are now stocking a unique range of hand crafted Norfolk reed fencing panels.

The panels are hand made using Norfolk reed cut from the Norfolk Broads and with Scottish FSC traceable sustainable timber, making the panels truly sustainable.

Norfolk reed has been used as a thatching material in England for centuries, its ability to repel water and allow wind to filter through makes it the perfect natural material for use in fencing, especially in exposed areas.

The reed used in the panels is harvested by the Reed Cutters who make the panels from reedbeds as part of the ongoing management and conservation of these precious natural wetland habitats.

The harvesting of the reed maintains the continuity and balance of the habitat, creating the ideal habitat for some of our countries rarest floral and fauna (bittern, marsh harrier bank voles fen orchid etc)

Unlike mass produced fencing, which is assembled with a nail gun, these panels are made using high quality zinc screws which provide superior strength and durability.

The panels give both a fresh yet familiar look that’s perfectly suited for modern and traditional gardens alike.

The panels are available in:
-3ft x 6ft
-4ft x 6ft
-5ft x 6ft
-6ft x 6ft

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