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Seasoned Firewood for them cold winter nights……

Seasoned Firewood 1m3 Crates of 100% Kiln Dried ASH

£136.00 Collected

£160.00 Delivered

Transit Tipper Load (2 crates) £300.00

Or why not try a Net for £4.00

Prices include VAT

Keep warm on those cold winter nights by ordering your logs now – keep warm this winter.

Winter is coming…….Keep warm

Winter is coming so get stocked up with your Fire Wood

Ecofire wood briquettes– Pressed Fire Logs, environmentally friendly for open and closed appliances.

  • Clean to handle
  • Easy to light
  • High heat output
  • Lively Flames
  • Low ash residue
  • Ash can be used as fertiliser

In stock now 20kg bag  £6.75  or 5  for £30  includes vat.