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Norfolk Fire and Rescue says

The number of chimney and building fires in Norfolk has shot up in the last couple of weeks as people are lighting things like wood burners them without getting them swept first.
Norfolk Fire and Rescue says the colder temperatures at night mean they are far busier.
They’re calling on people to wait until they’ve had a proper chimney sweep out to check and clean open fires and wood burning stoves.
Stewart Horth is the community safety officer at Norfolk Fire and Rescue:
“It has risen again as people start to use more wood burners, and some people do use coal etc. So we do still see regular chimney fires.
“The issue is that you can have a fire in your chimney and not realise it’s there.
“You need to make sure you’re burning the right wood. You need to use well seasoned wood. You don’t want to use wet or unseasoned wood as it will burn at a lower temperature, and that won’t burn up many of the things that can stick to a chimney. That can then go on to cause a chimney fire.”
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